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The LOTUS Flower

Although cultures have their own interpretations of this daily process, there is a general consensus among ancient texts that it symbolizes spiritual enlightenment and rebirth. The lotus stunned people with its ability to dip into the grime and revive itself unscathed—an incredible daily cycle of life, and a sudden immaculate rebirth that can only be described as spiritual. It is no wonder the lotus is associated with such celestial symbolism—the flower simply defies logic.

Our history and culture has been like the lotus flower. No matter what outside force or pressure that is put upon the lotus, it always rises back to the water's surface again to feel the sunlight upon it's petals. Our legends are like the lotus, they have stood steadfast and true in the face of adversity and rose above the problems of the times to show how resilient we are as people.


Legends Never Die

Our clothing brand will help to preserve the lives of legendary people that many may have never heard of. This was the driving motivation for our brand. That "I never knew that," moment.

We simply want to continue to spread the knowledge so that our legends are never forgotten.  As we grow, we will spotlight those who deserve it. 

We thank you for your love and your support.

Thank you for being apart of something great!!

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